Report: Health and wellness spells opportunity in today's economy

NEW YORK — With renewed consumer confidence converting more shoppers into buyers, there is greater opportunity for companies in the health and wellness space, noted a report titled "The Why Behind the Buy Spring 2013," which recently was released by Acosta Sales and Marketing. Even as U.S. obesity rates continue to rise, more consumers are looking to exercise regularly and eat healthy, according to the consumer poll. 

As many as 50% of shoppers indicated they read nutrition labels “most of the time” or “always," Acosta reported, though 86% acknowledged indulging in foods they know are unhealthy. "Confusion about health ratings and the propensity of consumers to use the Internet to find information about healthy eating gives CPG companies and retailers the opportunity to help shoppers solve the health and wellness puzzle," Acosta noted. 

Even though retailers’ food rating systems, like Guiding Stars and Nutrition IQ, represent a simplified method of rating foods based on their nutritional value, these programs have very little recognition among shoppers, Acosta added. "Only 8% reported being aware of such programs. There’s interest in these programs among some shoppers, especially U.S. Hispanics — 31% indicated they would find the rating systems 'extremely useful' and 35% 'very useful.'”



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workforvert says

At Health and Wellness means a lifetime of performing at your potential, which includes minimizing the likelihood of injury and challenging yourself to embark on a life mental and physical performance.

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