Report: Dr Pepper to roll out 10-calorie drink

PLANO, Texas — According to published reports, Dr Pepper is gearing up to launch a 10-calorie beverage targeted at male consumers.

The move by Dr Pepper for Dr Pepper Ten — a product that the company hopes will reach 25- to 34-year-old men — is similar to such competitors as Coca-Cola and Pepsi, which omitted "diet" from their respective Coke Zero and Pepsi Max products, perhaps betting that the word carries a negative connotation.

Dr Pepper's namesake beverage is known for its robust flavor and has carried that message to consumers through its advertising campaigns. Its most recent campaign, dubbed Unbelievably Satisfying, featured such characters as Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, which doubted but then soon realized the full-flavored taste of Dr Pepper's diet drink.

According to an article in AdAge, the company has begun an extensive test campaign for Dr Pepper Ten, which will run through June. In addition to TV commercials, Dr Pepper also will support the rollout with a mobile "Man Cave" tour in six test markets, including Denver and Colorado Springs, Des Moines, Kansas City, San Antonio and Austin, which will set up a "testosterone zone" — a place for men to watch TV and play video games, AdAge noted.

Currently, Dr Pepper's lineup includes original Dr Pepper, Diet Dr Pepper, Diet Dr Pepper caffeine free, Dr Pepper Cherry, Diet Dr Pepper Cherry, Dr Pepper Cherry Vanilla and Diet Dr Pepper Cherry Vanilla.

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