Report: Authorized generic versions of Lipitor capture 14.6% of script volume

Knockoff versions launched on Nov. 30

NEW YORK — Though they've been on the market for less than a month, the generic and authorized generic versions of Pfizer's cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor have captured more than one-tenth of prescriptions, according to published reports.

Citing an analysis of data from IMS Health by J.P. Morgan, The Wall Street Journal reported that Ranbaxy's generic atorvastatin calcium tablets and Watson Pharmaceuticals' authorized generic have claimed about 14.6% of prescription volume since their launch on Nov. 30.

Ranbaxy and Watson respectively launched their generic and authorized generic versions of Lipitor the day Pfizer lost its patent protection for the drug, which IMS estimated to have sales of $7.8 billion during the latest moving-annual period. An authorized generic is a branded drug launched under its generic name at a reduced price, usually under a contract between the original branded drug's manufacturer and a third-party company.


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- 11:08 PM says

I am a retired pharmacist. I went to get my Lipitor refilled and found out the Brand Name Lipitor and the new generic version was to cost me the exact same price. This was through Community Rx Part D, I am in the doughnut hole, so I just decided to wait until January and get the Rx filled....... Jacob Wishnia R.Ph.

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