Report: Amazon tests public delivery lockers in Seattle, New York retailers

Testing sites include some Rite Aid stores

An Amazon Locker sits near the entrance of a Rite Aid store in Manhattan. The online retailer is testing the public delivery lockers at various locations in New York and Seattle.

NEW YORK — Online retailer Amazon is testing robotic delivery lockers that people can use to receive items they order from the website, according to published reports.

Wired magazine reported online that the company was conducting the tests in Seattle and New York at Rite Aid and 7-Eleven stores, as well as other locations. The new service would allow people to select a locker location for delivery and then go to retrieve their items automatically using a six-digit code.

Wired noted that the concept made ordering from Amazon more convenient because it would allow customers to pick up their packages on the way home instead of having to wait for them to arrive at their homes.

UPDATE: Rite Aid spokesman Eric Harkreader told Drug Store News that a "handful" of Rite Aid stores were participating in the test, though he could not offer additional details. "To speculate beyond the test, I think, would be premature," he said.

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