Remedent to ship iWhite to CVS in April

DEURLE, Belgium Remedent, a Belgium-based company specializing in oral care and cosmetic dentistry products, has received an initial purchase order for its iWhite teeth-whitening system from CVS Caremark and will be shipping the product in April.

“We are very pleased to announce this initial purchase order from our proprietary whitening solution, iWhite, with CVS retail stores,” stated Robin List, chief executive officer of Remedent. “This purchase order is a major breakthrough for Remedent in building the company’s presence in the U.S. market. To support this initiative, we plan on commencing a cooperative advertising and media campaign with CVS and are hopeful to advancing iWhite into other retail channels in the future.”

In addition to shipping the iWhite product to more than 6,200 CVS locations for availability on store shelves in April, Remedent will also deliver each SKU to various CVS warehouses across the United States.

The iWhite light activated teeth-whitening kit introduces light technology in a compact mouthpiece, which is powered by a 3-volt battery that pulses the light into whitening foam strips.

How it works: place an iWhite foam strip in the mouth tray, put the tray in your mouth, push the button to activate the iWhite light technology and wear it for 20 minutes. Dispose of the foam strip, place a new one and repeat for the lower teeth. The product promises to whiten teeth after 20 minutes a day per arch after five days of consecutive use.

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