RediClinic employees drop 700 lbs. during 10-week weight loss challenge

HOUSTON, Texas – RediClinic employees and their families lost a combined 700 lbs. — an average of 19.5 lbs. per participant for those who completed the program — while participating in a companywide competition aimed at promoting weight loss and health improvement, the retail-based clinic operator announced.

The competition, dubbed Mission: Possible, encouraged RediClinic employees to participate in its Weigh Forward program free of charge for the chance to win weekly prizes.

After 84 employees and their family members participated in the 10-week Weigh Forward program, RediClinic rightfully changed their Mission: Possible theme to Mission: Accomplished.

Nurse practitioner Anita Herrera, who lost 23 pounds during the competition, said the Weigh Forward program changed her family forever. “We shop differently, cook differently, choose healthier snacks, are more active and more motivated,” Herrera stated of her family. “We have learned things that we will use for the rest of our lives.”

RediClinic’s Weigh Forward program was launched in May 2011 as the first comprehensive, medically-supervised weight-loss program delivered in a grocery store. The program has helped more than 600 patients lose up to 75 pounds and many reduced their risk of chronic illness.

Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center performed an analysis on patients who participated in Mission: Possible and found several significant health benefits — in addition to weight loss — as a result of completing the 10-week program. The findings showed improvements in blood pressure from pre-hypertensive range to normal levels, reductions in cholesterol by an average of 16 points, reductions in waist circumference by an average of three inches and body mass index declined by an average of two points. 

Mission: Possible was the first time the company provided incentives for its own employees to participate.

“We saw how well Weigh Forward was working for everyone else, so we decided to take a bit of our own medicine and the results were gratifying,” stated Web Golinkin, RediClinic’s CEO.

The Weigh Forward program was developed in partnership with weight loss expert David L. Katz and capitalizes on RediClinic’s facilities and clinicians inside grocery stores to provide patients with information and counseling on diet/nutrition, physical activity and behavior modification. The program includes weekly meal plans, with recipes and shopping lists of items that are available at all RediClinic host locations.

The Weigh Forward program also identifies the patient’s individual barriers to success so that each program can be customized to help the patient overcome them. Each program includes an initial medical evaluation and regular biometric testing to ensure that patients are improving their health while losing weight. In addition to weekly visits with RediClinic clinicians, Weigh Forward patients have access to a technology platform, which includes 24/7 access to physical activity and diet/nutrition e-coaches.

Ginny Lott, another participant in RediClinic’s Mission: Possible competition, said the Weigh Forward program’s weekly checkups with clinicians gave her some accountability to stay on track. “Because of Weigh Forward, I have the tools I need to continue weight loss for better health and a longer future. I lost 39 pounds during the 10-week program and have now lost a total of 50 pounds,” Lott said.

Weigh Forward program patients can expect to lose an average of 1 to 2 lbs. per week, which is the rate of weight loss recommended by the National Institutes of Health, and upon completion of the 10-week program, will have the knowledge and skills to continue losing weight and improving their health as needed, according to RediClinic. Maintenance programs are available for those who need ongoing support from RediClinic’s clinicians and through the program’s online resources, which include access to nutritionists and physical activity e-coaches.

The program is currently available at all 30 RediClinic locations inside H-E-B stores in Houston, Austin and San Antonio, Texas.

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