Red Carpet Manicure brings professional salon experience to the masses

NEW YORK — Red Carpet Manicure is bringing the professional salon experience to the mass market with its new at-home LED gel polish manicure and pedicure system.

Launching nationwide at Ulta in early September, Red Carpet Manicure officially unveiled the innovative gel nail polish system to beauty editors at a press event Wednesday in New York.

A full system costs $57.94 or just $2.90 each for 20 at-home applications compared with an average of $40 for each professional application in a salon.

The brand launch includes:

Step 1: Prep

  • Prep Max adhesion sanitizer ($3.99)

Step 2: Care and color

  • Structure base coat gel ($9.99);

  • LED gelpolish (available in 36 shades for $9.99 each); and

  • Brilliance seal and shine top coat ($9.99),

Step 3: Finish

  • Revitalize nourishing cuticle oil ($3.99); and

  • Purify pre and post application cleanser ($3.99).

Step 4: Removal

  • Erase gel nail polish remover ($3.99)

The system also includes an exclusive portable LED light ($19.99) or a Pro:45 LED light ($49.99) that cures the gel polish in seconds for weeks of wear.

Beauty mavens also can get started with a starter kit featuring the professional light ($79.99) or a starter kit with the portable light ($59.99). There’s also an accessories kit (cuticle pusher, buffer tabs, emery board and orangewood stick) for $3.99.

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