Recognized but underutilized

Despite the fact that 77% of pharmacy patients believe that the pharmacist at their preferred pharmacy is always available to answer their questions, consult on medications, etc., only 28% say that they interact often with their pharmacist. And again, this is an area where local independents are way ahead of the curve (52%), according to an exclusive survey of nearly 800 patients conducted by AccentHealth and DSN in late July and early August.

“This is perception versus reality,” Natalie Hill, VP market research at Accent Health told DSN. “People are saying, ‘Yes, the pharmacist plays a role in my decision-making as far as pharmacy selection; and yes, I think they’re a valuable, trained resource and they’re accessible. But very few are actually reporting that they’re utilizing the pharmacist as a resource regularly.”

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How often do you interact with your pharmacist?

Source: AccentHealth. To view the methodology, click here.


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