Reckitt Benckiser posts third online video game to entice prospective employees

PARSIPPANY, N.J. — Reckitt Benckiser on Thursday unveiled Turbo RACER, a new free online game and a free mobile racing-game app available on iTunes, as part of the company's corporate awareness program. The game is designed to metaphorically underscore the essence of working at RB.

Turbo RACER is RB's third launch in a series of such online games as PoweRBrands and Urban Thrill. With each of these mobile games, RB hopes to further engage its target audience: students and those driven young professionals who are early on in their careers. The successful April launch of Urban Thrill, which is based on the cityscape sport of freerunning, has already been played by more than 490,000 users in the first three months.

RB chose a racing platform for this newest game to help reinforce the company's rapid-paced corporate culture. "I often describe our culture at RB the same way I would describe a Formula 1 racing car: all engine, all go. Very fast-moving, but no frills and no cruise-control button," stated Andraea Dawson-Shepherd, SVP global corporate communications at RB.

Go to to download the game.

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