RCEC to bring pharmacists, NPs together on collaborative care track

ORLANDO, Fla. — Studies have indicated that the best people to get patients to adhere to their medication therapies are store pharmacists, while the second-best people are nurses. Thus, it’s only natural that getting nurses and pharmacists to collaborate will further improve adherence. The collaborative care track that The Drug Store News Group will introduce at the Retail Clinician Education Congress in August is a step in that direction.

Collaborative Care Day, which will take place on Aug. 2 at the Gaylord Palms in Orlando, Fla., will provide up to six continuing education credits to attendees. It will include sessions with nurse practitioners and pharmacists on working together to improve health outcomes, common respiratory ailments, pediatric pharmacology, drug interactions — especially involving over-the-counter medications — hypertension and Type 2 diabetes.

“When we consider the growing notion of a medical home and the role of community pharmacy, pharmacists and retail nurse practitioners are an invaluable team to help patients improve and manage patient health,” Drug Store News publisher Wayne Bennett said. “We know that pharmacists are essential providers in helping patients manage their drug regimens and drug-adherence protocols. We also know that retail nurse practitioners provide the community with an important access point for not only treating minor illness and injuries, but also vaccinations and other health-condition monitoring services like high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes screenings and assessments.”

“The first-ever Collaborative Care Day as part of the 2011 Retail Clinician Education Congress will bring both these healthcare professionals together in a positive networking and educational environment,” Bennett added.

Collaborative Care Association executive director Tine Hansen-Turton also is enthusiastic about the track. “We know the best health care in this country is provided by a team,” she said. “We are excited to introduce the collaborative care track at the Retail Clinician Education Congress, which is a hallmark of how health care will be provided in the future.”

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