RapidLash joins 'Wink Week!'

MASPHEE, Mass. RapidLash, which helps promote lush lashes and brows, is participating in the first-ever "Wink Week!"

Throughout the week of June 7 to June 11, RapidLash is encouraging women to celebrate their love for lashes by logging onto the RapidLash Facebook page and sending a RapidLash Wink to friends, family and fellow flirts. The application will be accessible on the page for the duration of Wink Week.

RapidLash also will be celebrating Wink Week on its Facebook page and on Twitter by sharing special content, quizzes and polls, and asking its community to share photos of their best winks and their tips on feeling confident, flirty and beautiful. For each wink up to 5,000, RapidLash will donate $1 toward cancer research in honor of Wink Week.

The manufacturer also is partnering with Match.com and is sponsoring the Wink functionality, where online daters send a wink to flirt with someone in whom they are interested. The sponsorship will run from May 29 to June 13.

RapidLash is an eyelash and eyebrow serum that promotes healthy, natural lashes and brows in 30 days. It is sold for $49.95 in the mass market.

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