Quigley releases OTC medication for chest relief in children ages 6 and up

DOYLESTON, Pa. The Quigley Corporation on Wednesday introduced the new Kids-EEZE Chest Relief a single-ingredient, allopathic expectorant with guaifenesin to help children, ages six and up, suffering from uncomfortable chest congestion.

Kids-EEZE Chest Relief provides an alternative to the many multi-symptom children’s cold products that could potentially lead to overmedication, the company stated.

The product is available as a soft chew in strawberry and grape flavors.

“In recent years, the cough and cold remedy category has seen a growth in multi-symptom cold remedies, which has led to concerns about parents overmedicating their kids and treating symptoms their children weren’t actually suffering from,” stated Albert Piechotta, executive director of communications and investor relations at the Quigley Corporation.

“Chest congestion is a typical symptom of the common cold and one that is uncomfortable for children,” added Dr. Paul Horowitz of Discovery Pediatrics in Valencia, California. “Making a cough more productive can really make the child feel better and reduce the chances of that chest congestion turning into something more serious.”

Suggested retail price is $7.99.

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