QS/1 partnering with VUCA Health to offer on-demand prescription-specific videos

SPARTANBURG, S.C. — QS/1, a complete healthcare automation solutions provider, on Tuesday announced it is partnering with VUCA Health to offer on-demand prescription-specific videos, as well as other services to engage patients and strengthen customer relationships.

QS/1 pharmacies will be able to print QR codes on prescription labels that link to thousands of videos in the MedsOnCue library. The videos help patients review how to take their medications safely with easy to understand information on potential side effects and how to limit any avoidable reactions.

“By partnering with VUCA Health to bring MedsOnCue to our customers, we are taking pharmacy-patient communications to the next level,” stated John Frady, QS/1’s market analyst for the pharmacy market. “MedsOnCue enables our pharmacies to positively impact health literacy and medication adherence by tapping into the power of on-demand video briefings that leverage the ubiquitous nature of mobile communications.”

“Leading-edge companies like QS/1 recognize that coupling digital content with mobile technology creates a powerful platform from which pharmacies can deliver meaningful patient education that overcomes the barriers to medication adherence,” added VUCA Health CEO David Medvedeff. 

In addition to the library of videos in English and Spanish, the MedsOnCue solution also includes three customizable services designed to reinforce patient relationships and cultivate pharmacy loyalty: Connect Me, providing “click-to-call” access to client-designated pharmacies or call centers; Remind Me for streamlined registration with a medication alert and reminder program; and Inform Me, providing on-demand access to additional prescription information and health or wellness resources.



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