QS/1 leads the way with EPCS security

SPARTANBURG, S.C. — QS/1 is implementing additional security measures to better validate electronic prescriptions for controlled substances, the company announced. QS/1 pharmacies already have access to the new Signature Indicator feature through the company's partnership with Surescripts.

“The Signature Indicator flag has been the most common signing approach by early adopters to EPCS,” said John Frady, QS/1’s market analyst for pharmacy products. “As more doctors and pharmacies use electronic means to prescribe controlled substances, there will be an increase in the use of the even more secure FBCA PKI standard.”

The new security standard is the Federal Bridge Certificate Authority Public Key Infrastructure digital signatures for EPCS transmissions. Surescripts uses this to transmit signatures to verify that they are valid. The network also allows bi-directional exchange of information between hospitals, physicians, payers, pharmacies, labs and more, the company said.

“While other pharmacy management system software providers may have taken an easier route for EPCS security,” Frady added. “QS/1 took the extra steps to use the FBCA PKI standard. When this becomes the preferred method of validation, QS/1 will not have to go through the process of recertification.”

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