QS/1 introduces SlateMate tablet

SPARTANBURG, S.C. — QS/1, a provider of healthcare automation solutions, announced the introduction of the Motion SlateMate tablet, a wireless device that is available for use with QS/1's pharmacy management systems and point-of-sale platforms.

The SlateMate is a tablet pc with an integrated magnetic strip reader and a barcode scanner. It can be used to checkout customers, process credit cards and capture signatures. Additionally, it can be used with an optional wireless printer to print receipts. The device may also be used for bedside checkout in the hospital or clinical setting, helping to better service patients while also making sure the necessary signatures and information are collected, the company said.

"The SlateMate puts the power of QS/1’s applications into your hands,” said Charles Garner, QS/1 market analyst. “Among the many features, it allows you to process payments and collect signatures. The SlateMate lets you take QS/1’s products around your store and at the drive-through window with full functionality.”


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