QS/1 introduces 'first of its kind' Medicare Part B documentation system

System allows easy retrieval of documentation during audits

SPARTANBURG, S.C. — QS/1 has released Medicare Part B compliance documentation, which it said would be the first of its type on the market to help pharmacies that want to serve Part B customers while remaining compliant, the company said.

QS/1 said its Medicare Part B Compliance Documentation software system was the first of its kind, allowing pharmacies using NRx or PrimeCare Pharmacy Management Systems to serve Medicare Part B customer needs while keeping necessary documents in the event of an audit.

"Missing or incomplete documentation is the most common error that results in the repayment of claims," QS/1 market analyst Chris Kinard said. "Medicare Part B documentation for pharmacy gives you the audit compliance tools for Part B products and services."

During prescription processing, the prescription management system prompts the required Medicare documentation to print, allowing the patient to sign once for all required documentation using an electronic signature-capture device. In the event of an audit, all system-generated Medicare-required documentation can be regenerated with the patient signature and date signed.

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