QS/1, iMedicare form deal to help patients find Medicare plans

Partnership will combine iPad app, QS/1 system

SPARTANBURG, S.C. — Healthcare automation services company QS/1 has a deal with the maker of an iPad app for Medicare patients to help users search for and compare health plans.

QS/1 announced the partnership with iMedicare to help pharmacies serve the country's growing number of Medicare patients.

"Using government resources, comparing plans can take up to 40 minutes," iMedicare CEO Flaviu Simihaian said. "When integrated with QS/1's Pharmacy Management System, iMedicare can do that comparison in a matter of seconds."

The iMedicare app uses existing customer information in the QS/1 system to populate the necessary fields, allowing pharmacies to help more patients reduce their search times.

"There are thousands of seniors enrolling in Medicare every day," QS/1 president Tammy Devine said. "iMedicare is a valuable resource that allows pharmacies to present plan options for that specific person."


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