Q&A: Won’t you be a Good Neighbor

Drug Store News: What are some of the highlights across the front end of the concept Good Neighbor Pharmacy?

Jerry Cline, SVP retail sales and marketing: The two most significant highlights for me are Home Health Care and Diabetes Shoppe. The future owner of Burt’s Good Neighbor Pharmacy—Robbie Leark—is building a team who is going to specialize in home health care and ambulatory supplies, as well as diabetes testing, counseling and support. All of these solutions are provided through AmerisourceBergen under the Good Neighbor Pharmacy umbrella. Those solutions will differentiate the store, particularly considering the demographics supporting the store’s location and patient population.

AJ Caffentzis, group VP retail solutions: The other point I’d throw in there is that all of the HBC/OTC planograms are being driven by the work that we do out of our front-end solution team and the work we do with manufacturers in developing best-in-class planograms for all the various categories. Those planograms are in this store and on display prominently. We also have the solutions to show what the business moves and what items move the best under our Business Coaching solution. Our front-end solutions work with our InSite platform. That helps us with Business Coaching and helps the owner/operator make strong, positive decisions to drive his or her business. (Note: InSite is a business intelligence application that supports AmerisourceBergen’s retail pharmacy clients across the United States with dashboards and scorecards that provide rich analytics and personalized information.)

DSN: And behind the bench? What’s under the hood at this store?

Caffentzis: One feature that comes to mind is the use of our technology solutions—the ability to use the right robots for the right-sized store to help the pharmacist and the technicians automate the script-filling process. The second feature that stands out is the construction of consultation rooms for the patient and pharmacist. Those consultation rooms are the separator for community pharmacy and the independent pharmacist. The pharmacist will spend some time with the patient to discuss treatments and the patient’s health. The consultation rooms are going to help the pharmacist do just that.

Cline: The feature I would highlight is that we’ve installed a new pharmacy system in the store called ComputerRx. It’s a select pharmacy system that will feed information from the store into our data warehouse and then be fed into our InSite system, which will allow the business coach to work with Leark and his team to improve performance in his store and drive additional value in specific areas. Without that coaching piece powered by InSite, that additional value would not be possible.

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