Q&A: Synergetic strategy
 — Scott Verner, Nipro Diagnostics

Scott Verner, Nipro Diagnostics

Drug Store News recently sat down with Scott Verner, president of Nipro Diagnostics, to discuss some of the synergies created by the acquisition of Home Diagnostics by Japan’s Nipro in March. 

Drug Store News: How is the new company better positioned in the U.S. market? What are the synergies?

Scott Verner: Not only are we well-positioned for continued growth within the diabetic category, but we [also] are now well-resourced to look beyond our current business toward portfolio expansion. Nipro Diagnostics’ experience in monitoring and management, combined with expanded research and development capabilities, a history of innovative product development [and] strong manufacturing expertise — not to mention monetary resources now available — provide significant opportunity for us to drive new advancements in diabetes health care and beyond.

Given these enhanced resources, we will look at expanding our product portfolio beyond diabetes blood-glucose monitors — potentially even into complementary-device, pharmaceutical, diagnostic and over-the-counter categories — while maintaining our position as the quality/value segment leader. 

DSN: What can retailers expect from Nipro in the coming year?

Verner: First and foremost, retailers can expect Nipro to continue to support them just as we have in the past with the highest-quality products, retailer program participation and overall category and business support that has established us as the leader in the quality/value segment. 

Our co-branding strategy continues to enable the nation’s leading retailers to leverage their brand names and offer their customers with diabetes the latest blood-glucose monitoring technology offered by our TRUE brand portfolio. … As our retail partners make diabetes care a shopping destination, Nipro hopes to grow with them as we enhance our product offering into categories strategic to our business. We are already investigating adjacent product categories that complement our current product offering, which easily enables us to extend our co-branding strategy. 

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