Q&A with Nathan Mott: McKesson launches Mobile Delivery app

Drug Store News talked with Nathan Mott, president of McKesson Pharmacy Systems and Automation, about how its new Mobile Delivery App can help increase patient adherence.

DSN: What is the McKesson Mobile Delivery app?

Nathan Mott: McKesson Pharmacy Systems & Automation (MPS&A) announced the release of its McKesson Mobile Delivery application (app) at the McKesson ideaShare conference this week. Designed for use with Apple iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad, the Mobile Delivery app supports the delivery of patient prescriptions to a patient's home or bedside. The app processes multiple payment methods, including credit cards and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards; captures all pharmacy-related signatures; and tracks controlled substance delivery to meet state mandates. Within the pharmacy, the app also supports drive-thru services.

The new McKesson Mobile Delivery app allows pharmacists to bring their pharmacy services to the point of care, whether it’s a hospital bedside or the doorstep of a customer’s house. Taking advantage of this mobility, pharmacists can ensure that patients receive their medication on time or before they even leave the hospital. This level of pharmacist involvement in the continuum of care can help increase patient adherence and reduce hospital re-admission rates.

DSN: How is the Mobile Delivery app integrated within the pharmacy’s workflow?

Mott: The McKesson Mobile Delivery app works with all McKesson pharmacy management systems, and there isn't any interruption to the current pharmacy workflow. Each of our systems produces a delivery barcode on the label that is scanned by the app using the built-in camera on the device. Transactions and signatures are sent from the app to the cloud in real time so they can be viewed and confirmed back at the pharmacy.

All transactions are completed on the app, which interfaces with a card reader that attaches to any Apple iOS device through the earphone socket and securely encrypts every swipe. Funds from swiped payments are deposited directly into customer bank accounts within one to two business days. Many pharmacies carry the cost of offering house accounts to delivery customers. With this app they can provide quality care services, get paid faster and improve the cash flow in their business.

DSN: Is healthcare reform speeding the adoption of such new technologies as the Mobile Delivery app?

Mott: With an ever-increasing emphasis on patient outcomes and integrated care, adherence is one of the industry’s most pressing issues. Nonadherence is one of the top reasons patients are readmitted to hospitals. Reducing hospital readmissions has been a significant focus of health reform, with hospitals facing financial penalties if patients are discharged and readmitted within 30 days. As a result, many hospitals are looking for creative solutions to increase the quality of care and avoid penalties — including sending experienced pharmacists to the patient's bedside to perform MTM and make sure the patient is discharged with their prescriptions in hand. This technology supports this type of effort. By using a mobile delivery solution, pharmacists can travel to the patient, help the patient remain compliant with their medication program and still comply with pharmacy regulations.

DSN: How does the Mobile Delivery app fit in with your existing technology solutions?

Mott: MPS&A offers a variety of software and automation solutions designed to help pharmacies optimize the business of pharmacy so they can spend more time providing clinical services to their patients. Ultimately, to help keep patients adherent and drive better results, you have to make access to prescriptions convenient. We help our customers do this in a number of ways:

  • Mobile Delivery app: Our newest solution for customers who offer delivery services or maintain partnerships with hospitals, the Mobile Delivery app captures payment and pharmacy signatures at the bedside or patient’s home. This ensure patients are discharged with their prescription in hand and ensures homebound patients have their prescriptions delivered to their doorstep;
  • Central fill and mail: Any of our customers can add a central fill solution, as well as a mail solution, to offer customers the convenience of prescription delivery while still providing the patient with access to a pharmacist at their local store; and
  • Enhanced patient communications: Our technology supports new communication media that are becoming more preferred among patients. We offer online refill, text reminders and inbound and outbound IVR, as well as new refill apps for smartphones. Each of these ensures patients can submit refills from anywhere at any time.



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