Q&A: Making a splash - Hollis Brookover, Morningside Products

Hollis Brookover  

Hollis Brookover, founder and CEO of Morningside Products, makers of bath-and-body products under the Originals and Simple Originals brand names, spoke with Drug Store News about the company and the bath-and-body segment at mass. Morningside is a certified women-owned business enterprise headquartered in Boise, Idaho. 

Drug Store News: What made you decide to enter the bath-and-body care business?

Hollis Brookover: I found that there were a large number of entries in the category, but none of the items seemed to address my own personal needs. I wanted products that had healthy ingredients that I could feel good about using every day with great fragrances and packaging that looked good when it was displayed in my home; and yes, I wanted these products at a reasonable price.… So I recognized the niche, and Morningside Products was born to provide safety and quality at a great price.

DrSN: What are the biggest challenges facing the bath-and-body segment at mass?

Brookover: The emergence of the specialty-bath-and-home-retail segment, as well as the explosive growth of day spas, have created additional channel-shifting pressure on the mass market.… This has created a nice opportunity for traditional food, drug and mass to capitalize on by offering higher-quality products, with the convenience of eliminating an additional stop for busy consumers.

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