Q&A: Homeopathy hits home

Laurie Demeritt of Hartman Group and Alissa Gould of Boiron

Drug Store News talked to Laurie Demeritt and Alissa Gould about Boiron’s homeopathy use survey. 

Drug Store News: What are the growth opportunities?

Laurie Demeritt: Right now we see [an] upward of 44% of mainstream consumers have to go outside of the places they normally shop to find more natural OTC products like homeopathics. Among our survey respondents, almost half — 46% — have used natural OTC products, and another 37% haven’t used them, but they’re interested in trying. 

DSN: What’s driving awareness around homeopathy?

Demeritt: We found that almost 60% of consumers are familiar with the term ‘homeopathy.’ That’s an increase of nine percentage points just in one year. ... Consumers are starting to do their due diligence and look up what might be there for them in terms of options. 

DSN: Given that Boiron just launched its Camilia teething solution, what are moms saying about homeopathy?

Alissa Gould: Fifty percent of women did not like something about their current teething product; even if moms feel that a medication is efficacious, they still sometimes don’t feel that it’s good to be using that medicine.

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