Q&A: Eyelid clean-up

Cynthia Barratt

At the ECRM Health Care EPPS conference, OcuSoft presented a pair of new offerings. Drug Store News caught up with OcuSoft president and CEO Cynthia Barratt for a rundown on eye care today.

Drug Store News: What is the opportunity within eyelid cleansers?

Cynthia Barratt: Based on recent SymphonyIRI Group data, the eye care accessories category is a growing $49 million market with $10 million attributed to the sale of eyelid cleansers.… Doctors are seeing more and more patients with lid disease and other related ocular conditions, reaffirming the need for products that will help prevent and alleviate symptoms.

DSN: OcuSoft recently introduced a prescription kit that includes two eyelid cleansers, how will that complement the OTC business?

Barratt: OcuSoft’s prescription-only Alodox convenience kit contains a low-dose doxycycline (20 mg) to control inflammation, OcuSoft scrub plus pre-moistened pads to remove harmful bacteria, OcuSoft lid scrub original foam for daily cleansing and Tranquileyes moist heat therapy goggles for added relief. The kit is recommended for patients with moderate to severe cases of lid disease, and because these conditions usually are chronic, patients are advised to follow the entire one- to three-month course of therapy or as directed by their doctor. As a result of the awareness and demand created by the Alodox convenience kit, sales of OTC eyelid cleansers will increase accordingly.

DSN: What are the benefits of OcuSoft’s new TearsAgain?

Barratt: Tears Again advanced liposome spray was introduced as a companion product to OcuSoft lid scrub eyelid cleansers.… OcuSoft lid scrub alleviates [eye irritation] by removing oil and debris from the eyelids while Tears Again advanced liposome spray provides added relief throughout the day with a soothing mist.

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