Purina encourages pets, owners to 'be happy'

ST. LOUIS — Purina has launched a new line of pet food that is inspired by the enduring happiness pets share with owners.

Be Happy is a dry pet food, available nationwide in cat and dog formulas, which helps support strong bones and teeth, healthy vision and healthy skin and coat, Purina said. The brand portfolio includes two varieties for cats — Deep Sea Duos Crunchies with ocean fish and salmon flavors and Poultry Pair-adise Crunchies with chicken and turkey flavors — as well as two varieties for dogs — beef and chicken.

"We looked at the way our pets see the world and were inspired by how they just seem to instinctively know the secrets to being happy," Be Happy brand manager Aaron Williams said. "We're celebrating our pets as our happiness heroes. We've incorporated this philosophy into everything we do, and are encouraging pet owners to join our happiness movement online."


- 3:07 PM
PHatherQ says

Really? Same crap in a different bag with a different marketing strategy. Hope this does as well as Pet Promise!!! LOL

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