Pure Encapsulations launches line of probiotics using freeze-drying technology

SUDBURY, Mass. — Pure Encapsulations recently launched PureBiOme, a line of probiotics using proprietary PureBiOme freeze-drying technology, which enables probiotics to maintain potency when combined with active ingredients for the first time. 
“The proprietary freeze-drying technology implemented for the PureBiOme line limits the water activity within the capsule, keeping the organisms in a quiescent, yet stable state,” said Juniper Devecis, director of product development at Pure Encapsulations. “This is critical in order to effectively combine probiotic bacterial strains with other active ingredients that would otherwise negatively impact their viability.” 
The PureBiOme product line offers four formulas that each combine a 4-strain blend of probiotics with a selection of active ingredients, including Saccharomyces boulardii (helps lessen occasional diarrhea), l-glutamine (gastorintestinal comfort), broccoli concentrate (liver cell health) or cranberry extract (genitourinary support) for condition-specific support, the company noted. 
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