Purdue Pharma unveils opioid abuse prevention website

STAMFORD, Conn. —  Purdue Pharma is launching a new effort to prevent opioid abuse. The company on Monday announced its new Team Against Opioid Abuse website that’s meant to instruct people about how to reduce opioid abuse and misuse and inform about abuse-deterrent technologies.

The website includes sections about the importance of preventing abuse of prescription drugs and outlines the Food and Drug Administrations guidelines on abuse-deterrent labeling. For healthcare professionals, the site also includes information on how to identify opioid formulations with abuse-deterrent properties for healthcare professionals.

“Education about the proper use of opioid analgesics is a top priority at Purdue Pharma,” Purdue Pharma’s VP health polify, J. David Haddox, said. “Everyone on the team should understand their role and responsibilities, so they can do their part in combating abuse of opioids, while ensuring their availability for appropriate purposes. Opioids with abuse-deterrent properties are one tool to help the team in their efforts in fighting drug abuse. 

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