Purdue launches RxSafetyMatters.org

STAMFORD, Conn. — Purdue Pharma has launched a new website designed to combat abuse of prescription drugs, the company said Wednesday.

The website, RxSafetyMatters.org, is designed to help healthcare professionals, police and community organizations combat prescription drug diversion and abuse. Purdue is the developer of OxyContin (oxycodone), an extended-release painkiller that is frequently a target of drug abusers.

“Purdue is committed to working with healthcare professionals, law enforcement and local communities to help curb illegal diversion and abuse of medications while also ensuring that these medicines remain available for appropriate medical use,” Purdue president and CEO John Stewart said. “The best chance for making a significant impact on the abuse of prescription drugs is greater collaboration among the many sectors of our society that recognize the serious public health problem that this abuse represents.”


- 11:04 AM
susanj says

Its time that Purdue put its money into supporting Recovery Programs and paying for the funerals of those who have died due to addiction of opioids that can be traced back to OXY. Working with the "healthcare Professionals" to whom they pandered the drugs in the first place makes little to NO sense. I do agree that OXYCONTIN has a place, it belongs IN the hospitals, and in Hospice Care. It should ALMOST never be given as a take home script. This MIS-REPRESENTATION of the drug has caused serious addiction problems across the US and has lead to many Deaths... The statement made by John Stewart is too little to late. And it truly shows his lack of commitment to the real problem his company has caused. If he thinks if can be covered up with this "collaboration" he is sadly mistaken. Re-Marketing the drug for Severe pain only, and pulling it back out of "take-home" scripts regiment that has brought them BILLIONS of dollars is the ONLY way to stop the endless Tsunami he has created.

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