Puffs spokeswoman educates moms, kids on cough-cold-flu prevention

NEW YORK — Puffs, a Procter & Gamble brand, recently brought spokeswoman Tanya Remer Altmann to share tips with mommy bloggers and their children on healthy winter habits.

Altmann, a UCLA-trained pediatrician, visited New York City indoor child play space Apple Seeds to give out samples of Puffs tissues and to educate children on good hand-washing habits, best tissues to use for those with sore and chapped noses and ways to avoid coughs, colds and flu during the winter.

"On average, children can have six to 10 colds a year. Beyond extra rest and drinking plenty of liquids, proper nose care is an essential part of helping your child feel better when a cold strikes," Altmann said. "You can use more than three times as many tissues when you're sick, so a gentle but strong lotion tissue is key to not only helping catch sneezes, but [also] preventing chapping from frequent nose-blowing."

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