Publix to promote Lock Your Meds campaign across Florida

MIAMI — In an effort to prevent prescription drug abuse, and in collaboration with Informed Families/The Florida Family Partnership, all 622 Publix pharmacy stores in Florida are promoting the Lock Your Meds campaign in April 2014, the supermarket chain announced Tuesday. 

The Lock Your Meds campaign educates people about the importance of securing their medication, taking regular inventory of it, properly disposing of unused or expired medications and spreading the word to family and friends about prescription drug abuse. Informed Families promotes the Lock Your Meds campaign every year in homes, schools and communities across the state of Florida.

To inform customers of the need to secure medication, each Publix Pharmacy store in Florida will feature a Lock Your Meds stand-up poster on the pharmacy counter, and a Lock Your Meds message printed on all pharmacy prescription receipts. The stores will also highlight Informed Families' website,, as a place to take a pledge to "Lock Your Meds." Those who take the pledge will be automatically entered to win one of five medicine safes (retail price $120), given away statewide. The website also provides tips and tools about securing medication, a home medicine inventory card for download and ways to get involved to help spread the message.  

"While many parents are concerned that their children will get involved with street drugs, the most accessible drugs are found in home medicine cabinets," stated Robin Sistrunk, manager of integrated care for Publix. "In supporting Informed Families and the Lock Your Meds campaign, we hope to increase awareness of prescription drug abuse, provide simple ways to prevent it and ultimately save lives." 

"Every day, 2,500 teens abuse prescription pain medications for the first time," commented Informed Families/The Florida Family Partnership President & CEO Peggy Sapp. "It's crucial that parents and caregivers are educated about prescription drug abuse, and we are very thankful to Publix, a wonderful corporate citizen, for partnering with Informed Families to deliver the prevention message."   

This is the second year that Publix Pharmacy has joined Informed Families to deliver the Lock Your Meds message to customers. In 2013, the campaign was promoted exclusively in Central Florida area Publix Pharmacy stores. 

The Lock Your Meds Campaign was developed by the National Family Partnership, in response to the nation's prescription drug abuse epidemic. Informed Families /The Florida Family Partnership is the Florida affiliate of the NFP.  



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