PTCB wins contract to certify pharmacy techs in Texas

WASHINGTON The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board has won a contract to provide certification in Texas, the PTCB said Thursday. The organization has certified pharmacy techs in Texas since 1995.

The Texas State Board of Pharmacy selected the PTCB after a bidding and evaluation process that included formal reviews and evaluation.

The TSBP made Texas the first state to require all pharmacy techs to pass the PTCB exam in 1995, and the Texas state legislature made this a law in 2001.

“PTCB believes that patients expect and deserve a high standard of safety when it comes to how their prescription medications are dispensed, and consistent requirements for pharmacy technician certification in every state is an important first step towards meeting those standards,” PTCB executive director and CEO Melissa Murer Corrigan said. “PTCB is excited to continue our work in Texas, and we applaud TSBP’s leadership.”

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