Progresso gives mainstream flavors a twist with new Artisan Soups line

MINNEAPOLIS — Progresso has expanded its soup offerings with a new line of Artisan Soups that feature a new repertoire of ingredients in five  varieties.

The soups incorporate simple ingredients, such as kale, and unique spice blends, including Masala curry and coconut milk, to offer original twists on classic soup varieties. The Artisan Soups line includes two vegetable bisques — Creamy Tomato with Roasted Red Peppers and Masala Curry Butternut Squash — and three "hearty" soups — Rustic Tomato with Chicken and Dumplings, Creamy Potato with Sausage and Kale, and Smoky White Bean and Winter Vegetables.

"I'm so excited we're featuring vegetables like fire-roasted red peppers, butternut squash and wonderful root vegetables like turnips and parsnips in this new line of soups," said Progresso culinary expert Heidi Teoh, who led the development of the new line.

The Artisan Soups also are the first ready-to-serve soup line from Progresso to be available in a Tetra Pak carton, which better preserves the freshness and flavor of the ingredients, according to the company. The cartons make recycling easier, too, as they are constructed mainly from paper, and 70% of Tetra Pak cartons are made from selectively harvested and regrown trees.

Artisan Soups are available in grocery stores along the Eastern Seaboard from Southern Florida to Maine and can be found for a suggested retail price of $2.99 for a 17.6- or 17.2-oz. carton.


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