Professional Therapy MuscleCare launches topical pain relievers

NEW YORK Professional Therapy MuscleCare on Monday announced the launch of a line of topical analgesics into the mass channels with distribution deals inked for Duane Reade, and

The initial launch include two topical analgesics — topical Professional Therapy MuscleCare extra-strength roll-on gel and Professional Therapy MuscleCare ointment — provide long-lasting, all-natural relief from pain, both acute and chronic muscle injury strains/spasm, and joint arthritis. The products contain camphor and menthol to relax tissue, increase the flow of healthy blood and nutrients in order to reset the muscle to its normal resting length and promote healing.

"The topical pain relief industry has long been lacking in safety and efficacy, and I have gone to great lengths and conducted a thorough clinical study to change that," stated Chris Oswald, CEO of Professional Therapy MuscleCare.

The retail price is $19.99 for the roll-on gel and $25.99 for the ointment.

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