Proantinox may reduce UTI incidence in women, study suggests

EDISON, N.J. A recent study being published in the journal Urology found that Proantinox, a proprietary cranberry-based blend found in DSE Healthcare Solutions’ Cystex liquid cranberry complex with Proantinox, is safe and effective in significantly reducing the incidence of urinary tract infections in women at risk for recurring infections.

The study, conducted by Aaron Katz, professor of clinical urology at Columbia University college of physicians and surgeons, also found that those women who took the recommended doses of the formula significantly improved quality of life as measured by the American Urological Association Symptom Index.

“The objectives of this study initially were to determine the safety, tolerability and maximum dose necessary of the proprietary Proantinox formula, but the secondary finding of efficacy was so significant, we felt it was worth noting,” stated Katz. “Normally you would expect at least 32% to 36% of the participants, based on history, to have at least one more infection or UTI symptoms during the study period, but we found only 9% of the sample had this occur.”

The study looked at 28 women, ages 18 to 75 years, who had experienced at least two or more urinary tract infections in the past six months. In addition to the tolerability and efficacy findings, questionnaires were also completed at baseline, week four and week 12 to measure overall health and quality of life based on the AUA Symptom Index.

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