PricewaterhouseCoopers projects expansion of retail clinics, offerings

NEW YORK Traditional care delivery models will continue to give way to alternative care delivery models, such as retail-based health clinics and work-site clinics, as the healthcare system continues to battle rising costs and capacity, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ list of health industry issues for 2010.

Each year, PwC’s Health Research Institute publishes its top issues across all health industry sectors. The report includes trends impacting insurers, hospitals, physicians and other providers, pharmaceutical and life sciences, as well as the growing number of non-traditional market participants in the healthcare space. Among PwC’s 2010 top 10 issues:

  • “Alternative care delivery models to emerge: As the health system continues to struggle with costs and capacity, traditional care delivery models will give way to alternative models of care outside of physicians’ offices and hospitals. Expect to see an increase in the number of and scope of services offered by work-site and retail health clinics and home health services as well as other technology-enabled delivery such as email, telehealth and remote patient monitoring.”
  • “Big pharma joins the healthcare delivery team: The role of pharmaceutical and life sciences companies will evolve from manufacturer/supplier to full partner on the healthcare delivery team as its focus shifts from lab-based outcomes to promoting prevention and patient outcomes. In 2010, expect to see greater alignment of incentives between pharmaceutical companies, payers and providers. There will be an increase in collaborations among pharmaceutical and life sciences companies with one another as well as retailers and other organizations to address education, clinical effectiveness, product safety, wellness and compliance.”
  • “Technology and telecommunications sectors become leading players in healthcare: Beginning in 2010, the convergence of healthcare with technology and telecommunications companies, as well as other new market participants, will change the regulatory rules, the basis for competition and the way health services are delivered.”

To view a full copy of PwC’s Health Research Institute’s "Top 10 Health Industry Issues in 2010," including implications for healthcare organizations, visit

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