Price Chopper opens two in-store health clinics

LATHAM, N.Y. —- Price Chopper, QuickCare and Ellis Medicine have teamed up to open QuickCare walk-in clinics in Price Chopper stores in Latham, N.Y. and Malta, N.Y.

The three organizations created the Capital Region partnership to offer residents access to more convenient and efficient healthcare. QuickCare, staffed by an Ellis Medicine nurse practitioner, physician or physician assistant, are walk-in health centers that offer patients immediate help for common ailments and provide some well-care and screening services.

The QuickCare Clinics, the first health centers located within retail stores in the Capital Region, are located adjacent to the pharmacy departments in the Latham store and the Malta Price Chopper.

“Helping people get access to healthcare in a place that is close to them and is a part of their regular routines just makes sense in this new age of healthcare delivery,” stated David Liebers, medical director of QuickCare.

“The convenient hours and location next to full-service pharmacies make these QuickCare centers tremendously accessible for people who are already in our stores shopping for orange juice, cough and cold medicine or chicken soup,” added Price Chopper executive chairman Neil Golub. “We’re very pleased to be offering our customers another convenience that will help them live healthier lives.”


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