Prestige Imports launches Penthouse-branded libido, sexual wellness supplement

ST. CLAIR SHORES, Mich. — Prestige Imports recently announced the upcoming launch of a Penthouse-branded libido and sexual wellness supplement in shot format: Per4mance Shots by Penthouse for men and Pleasure Shots by Penthouse for women. 

"Prestige Imports is excited to be utilizing the Penthouse brand in connection with these new and innovative libido shots," stated Tom Cleaver, director of marketing for Prestige. "Recent [SymphonyIRI Group] data shows an impressive increase in retail sales in the new sexual enhancement segment by 57.7% over the last 52 weeks in North America, to roughly a $20 billion category. With our expertise in the food and beverage industry, and the reputation and global reach of the Penthouse brand, we believe this is a winning combination for these sexual wellness products."

The Penthouse libido shots are scheduled to be available nationwide beginning in July, and currently are available in Max Muscle Sports Nutrition stores. 

Prestige Imports licensed the products from General Media Communications, the publisher of Penthouse magazine.

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