Prestige Brands debuts alergy relief gel

IRVINGTON, N.Y. Prestige Brands Holdings is introducing a new kind of therapy for allergy relief across its Chloraseptic and Little Allergies brand families, to be called Allergen Block, Mark Pettie, Prestige chairman and chief executive officer, shared in a recent analyst call.

“There are two clear advantages to this patented innovative technology as compared with current allergy relief products,” he noted. “First, it works outside the body to help prevent allergy symptoms rather than relieve them once they’ve occurred. And second, they’re drug-free, making it appealing not only to current category users but non-users as well.”

Pettie reported that retailer authorizations have been strong as category managers prepare their stores for the coming cough/cold season. “Strong introductory support will begin with a national PR campaign later this month [August] and advertising is scheduled to start in September as retail distribution gains critical mass.”

The product works by creating an electrostatic field that shields a person’s nose from allergens. Suggested retail price is $14.99.

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