Prestige Brands breaks down causes of sore throat pain in study

IRVINGTON, N.Y. — Pittsburgh and Green Bay, Wis., retailers ought to have plenty of sore throat remedies in preparation for the Super Bowl — 28% of sore throat sufferers got that pain by cheering and screaming, according to a new study released Tuesday by Prestige Brands.

In addition to screaming, the survey found that individuals associated with certain professions are susceptible to sore throats. The careers most commonly associated with sore throat pain are singers (53%) and auctioneers (40%). Healthcare workers (47%) and teachers (37%) also were perceived to be at risk due to their potential exposure to airborne illnesses. Conversely, 72% of sore throat sufferers were under the weather from a cold or flu.

“The findings are a testament to the fact that during winter months, colds and the flu are not the only causes for sore throat pain; rather there are many other causes as well,” stated Jean Boyko, VP science and technology for Prestige Brands.

The survey was conducted by the TABS Group, an independent consumer analytics company, which contacted 903 people to explore causes of sore throat pain and the remedies people use to treat them.

As many as 55% of respondents listed throat pain relief as the top reason for buying a particular sore throat remedy brand, followed by 38% who said they bought a particular brand because it works instantly. The survey also found that people under 30 years of age were more than 80% likely to have sore throat pain caused by excessive partying.

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