Presidente Beer expands U.S. market presence with campaign

MIAMI A Hispanic and multicultural marketing firm has been tapped to boost a popular Dominician Republic beer's U.S. market presence.

Presidente Beer is seeking to advance its brand with the help of ViVA Partnership to help advance the brand to a leadership position for imported Latin beers. The new Presidente Beer integrated campaign is set to launch in June in select markets, initially targeting South Florida residents and U.S. tourists traveling to the Caribbean, ViVA Partnership said.

"The goal is to integrate multiple online/offline elements that are so fluid it's impossible to detect any boundaries between what takes place online and the experience for consumers offline," said Linda Lane Gonzalez, ViVA Partnership CEO. "Each component works toward establishing a relationship with the consumer. From a Facebook fan page to online experiences with games, downloads, screensavers, contests and virtual gifts to real-life encounters on the beach, or cruise ships, everything is tied together with a central strategy."

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