Preservation of Pharmacy Hall addition fund main priority for Pharmacy students and faculty

BALTIMORE Two-hundred University of Maryland students and faculty made their way to Baltimore on Valentine’s Day to rally for funding for their Pharmacy Hall addition to their school. The construction for another Hall was to be provided for the U of M School of Pharmacy.

The plan to build a seven-story addition to the north wall of Pharmacy Hall in the University of Maryland has resulted in a push by students and administrators for funding from government officials. In order to provide a proper space for pharmacy students to learn, and allow for more students interested in Pharmacy to study, a new addition is the perfect solution in response to the high demand for new pharmacists in Maryland. According to published reports, the funding for the addition has been a topic for state leaders for ten years.

The funding already has $62.2 million from Gov. Martin O’Mally’s capital budget, but the faculty and students are looking for assurance that the funding will be given by the General Assembly.  The main focus of the school was mainly to preserve funding for the addition and after students questioned Sen. George Edwards of the General Assembly, the final result was an almost absolute assurance that the General Assembly would, in fact, fund the project, and that the concerns of the school would be addressed and taken care of.

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