PrescribeWellness passes million-patient mark

Patients receive automated messages to boost immunizations, adherence, disease management

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. — More than a million patients are receiving automated messages to increase immunizations, improve medication adherence and better manage chronic diseases, a company that developed a communication system for delivering the messages said Tuesday.

PrescribeWellness said the number of patients receiving messages marked a "significant milestone" as pharmacists have become a key source of health information and services for patients and an extension for primary care physicians, who are often not available to provide them due to a heavy workload. More than 200 million patients walk into retail pharmacies every week, according to the company.

"The pharmacy in America is evolving from a medication dispensary to the center of wellness for the communities they serve," PrescribeWellness CEO Al Babbington said. "We are proud to provide the software and services for independent pharmacies to successfully transition to this new model and deliver communications in the patient's language of choice that serves their individual needs."


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