PrescribeWellness launches patient engagement tool through the American Pharmacy Allliance

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. — PrescribeWellness on Tuesday announced a partnership with the American Pharmacy Alliance to provide independent retail pharmacies with a low-cost, easy-to-implement patient engagement solution. The APA is a consortium of leading pharmacy software providers for more than 12,000 independent and small chain pharmacies in the United States.                                                                  

“Lack of medication adherence is a major burden on the American healthcare system, and APA’s processing expertise combined with PrescribeWellness’ communications platform allows independent pharmacies to increase frequency of purchase, patient loyalty and medication adherence,” stated Al Babbington, CEO PrescribeWellness. "Independent pharmacies play an important role in preventive care, and their participation is critical to lowering overall healthcare costs."                 

The PrescribeWellness automated, personalized-communication solution focuses on delivering the right message at the right time, in the right language and through the right channel, in the actual voice of the independent neighborhood pharmacist. PrescribeWellness has executed millions of targeted patient interactions using its “Voice of Authority” solution, which has led to increased patient satisfaction, loyalty and retention, and has been documented to improve medication adherence among pharmacies in 12 states. The partnership will roll out regionally in May with full national coverage planned by September.

“The APA and its pharmacy system members have a very real commitment to our goal of expanding and improving patient-level services and adding more efficiency to the healthcare delivery system,” commented APA president Karl Steele. “This partnership with PrescribeWellness provides independent pharmacies with additional tools to compete with the big pharmacy chains.”

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