PrescribeWellness launches LinkWellness 2.5

New version of pharmacy software to enhance patient adherence, company says

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. — A search feature that allows pharmacies to quickly determine why patients are calling so they can better serve their needs and a patient registration system that allows easier enrollment in medication-time reminders, disease management and smoking-cessation programs are among the new features of the latest version of PrescribeWellness' software system.

PrescribeWellness announced Wednesday the launch of LinkWellness 2.5, saying the update to its software-as-a-service patient engagement system would allow better workflow management and improved patient-pharmacist communications, as well as improve medication adherence and outcomes and reduce costs.

"Now more than ever, pharmacists are on the front line of preventive care, and for millions of patients, their pharmacist has become their most accessible and trusted healthcare professional," PrescribeWellness CEO Al Babbington said. "LinkWellness positions the pharmacist at the center of the preventive care continuum by building stronger relationships with their patients and helping them expand their services. Our improved software platform integrates into existing dispensing systems and automates communications to the patient in their channel of choice and language of choice."

Other additions include an "on demand" feature that creates instant will-call bin and recall campaigns to improve inventory turn and patient safety, as well as a new preference manager that allows easier selection of voice, text or email as a communication channel.

"Preventive care is the future of health care, and PrescribeWellness is dedicated to making it easier for consumers to get help from their local pharmacy for population health, medication adherence and chronic disease management," Babbington said. "Pharmacies are as fast-paced as ever, and these upgrades to our LinkWellness platform are designed to improve efficiencies, which, in turn, help the independent retail pharmacist build community with their patients, enhance customer satisfaction and increase quality outcomes."


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