Prasco to sell authorized generic of Shionogi drug

Company will sell authorized generic of Furadantin for urinary tract infections

CINCINNATI — Prasco will market an authorized generic drug for urinary tract infections under an agreement with Shionogi, the company said Monday.

Prasco announced that it signed a supply agreement with Shinogi to market and distribute nitrofurantoin oral suspension, an authorized generic version of Furadantin. Authorized generics are branded drugs marketed under their generic names at a discounted price, usually through a third-party company, such as Prasco.

"Prasco is pleased to work with Shionogi to extend another of its brands, Furadantin oral suspension, into our authorized generic product line as nitrofurantoin oral suspension," Prasco CEO E. Thomas Arington said. "This agreement expands our relationship with Shinogi, a leading global pharmaceutical company."

Last month, the company contracted with Shionogi to sell an authorized generic version of the painkiller Ponstel (mefenamic acid).

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