Power-Trition introduces Trimfizz diet drink mix

DAYTON, N.J. Power-Trition on Wednesday introduced Trimfizz, an effervescent stick pack diet aid.

Because the citrus-flavored diet aid is dissolved in water, its ingredients are absorbed four times more quickly than weight-loss tablets, the company claimed. The recommended daily dosage of one stick pack dissolved in a full 8 oz. glass of water consumed 20 minutes before each meal also helps contribute to necessary water intake.

The Trimfizz formula includes Super CitriMax, an all-natural plant extract containing hydroxycitric acid. Similar to the citric acid in oranges and lemons, HCA has been shown to reduce appetite and inhibit fat production without stimulating the nervous system, changing the heart rate or blood pressure, nor interfering with sleep, the company claimed. The Super CitriMax in Trimfizz® contains 60 percent HCA, which is 20 percent higher than the usual quantity of HCA used for weight loss products.

Trimfizz is very low in sodium, is sugar-free, and also offers the benefits of fiber.

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