Popcorn, Indiana launches new snacks

NEW YORK — Popcorn, Indiana is sweetening up the snacks aisle.

The company said it has reintroduced its limited-edition flavor line. New to the portfolio this year are chocolate peanut butter kettlecorn and dark fudge peppermint kettlecorn. What's more, Popcorn, Indiana has added more flavors to its year-round lineup: almond biscotti popcorn and roasted peanut caramel popcorn. The new varieties are all natural, gluten free, contain whole grains and have zero trans fats, cholesterol or preservatives.

"Our mission has always been to expand the possibilities of popcorn," Popcorn, Indiana president and CEO Hitesh Hajarnavis said. "By offering completely new indulgent popcorn treats, we are able to push the popcorn category to the next level. Other companies have launched similar products this season and we welcome them to the category we created. Since the 2011 program came to a close, consumers have been clamoring for its return via email, phone calls and social media commentary. We are excited to be back with an even stronger lineup of flavors to rock some taste buds once again."

Almond biscotti and roasted peanut caramel popcorn will hit shelves in September and will remain staples in the Popcorn, Indiana line throughout the year. The limited-edition flavors will be available in retailers nationwide through March.

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