Pop Rocks planning array of brand awareness efforts for 2013

ATLANTA — Fizzy popping candy Pop Rocks is boosting awareness of its myriad flavors next year with plans for consumer sampling, promotions, sponsorships and social media activity.

"Consumers are very familiar with our traditional flavors," said Armando Carrillo, VP sales for Pop Rocks. "Through a variety of brand exposure opportunities, consumer awareness of our full line will grow and that will bring new attention and excitement to the category."

In addition to the original cherry flavor, Pop Rocks is also available in Bubble Gum, which transforms into gum; strawberry; tropical punch; watermelon; green apple, a new flavor; blue razz; cotton candy; and three choices of dips, a popping candy with lollipops in sour apple, blue raspberry and sour strawberry.

A press release from the company stated that it's working on a number of consumer engagement marketing activities, possibly including a Pop Rocks recipe book, a guide to throwing a "pop-rocking party," partnerships with pop rock brands and concert sampling for teens.

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