Missouri voters oppose prescription-only restrictions on PSE

WASHINGTON — As many as 62% of Springfield, Mo., residents oppose a proposed law that would require all consumers to obtain a doctor's prescription before buying cold and allergy medicines containing pseudoephedrine, according to a recent poll conducted on behalf of the Consumer Healthcare Products Association Magellan Strategies that was released Monday. 

"The findings of the recent Springfield poll are consistent with what we've seen across Missouri and throughout the country," stated Carlos Gutierrez, senior director of state government affairs for CHPA. "Law-abiding consumers oppose the prescription-only approach because it leads to significant economic burdens produced by unnecessary time off work and additional [doctor visit] copays," he said. "Moreover, local prescription mandates are not an effective solution to address the state's meth problem," he added, pointing to Jefferson and Franklin counties — two counties that had passed similar ordinances only to see the number of meth labs in their counties grow. 

Currently, the Springfield City Council is considering legislation that would implement a prescription requirement for PSE within the city limits. Last week, Councilman Doug Burlison proposed an amendment that would bring the issue to a vote of the residents, citing the need to let "law-abiding residents" decide on the prescription PSE policy. 

The Council is set to vote on the bill and subsequent amendment on July 29.

Other findings from the poll:

  • By a margin of 62% to 31%, Springfield voters oppose the proposal to require everyone who wants to buy cold or allergy medicines containing PSE to first get a prescription from a doctor;
  • As many as 52% say that they would "definitely vote no" on a prescription requirement for medicine containing PSE if it was placed on the ballot; and
  • The strongest opposition to the law is among consumers that have children ages 18 or younger, with 70% opposing the new law and 25% supporting it.


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