POI to host summit for supplier, retail executives

CHICAGO — The Promotion Optimization Institute will be hosting its Trade Promotion Optimization Summit here from March 13 to 15. It’s a three-day educational seminar for both supplier and retail executives responsible for pricing, trade marketing, sales and operations planning, merchandising and promotions.

The event will focus on ways to optimize promotional strategies across vendor partners as the economy begins picking up steam. “There’s a plethora of dollars invested in promotions on both sides,” noted Michael Kantor, POI CEO. “We’re just coming out of a recession, [so] there’s no time and there’s no money to waste on [promotions],” he said. The summit will help marketers eliminate wasteful promotion spending and optimize the return on investment by way of customer acquisition and retention.

One of the key seminars features Lisa Overman, Harveys marketing and advertising director at Delhaize Group, who will discuss some of Harveys' success with finding ways to be innovative and cognizant of the local/regional flavors to drive trips and loyalty. With the knowledge that many specialty vendor partners typically have smaller budgets to work with, better collaboration was needed to enhance Harveys’ brand identity.

For more information about the POI Trade Promotion Optimization Summit, click here.

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