pNeo launches new ear care device that helps prevent hearing loss

LOS ANGELES — Retailers can expect to slot a new over-the-counter category soon with the recent passing of the OTC Hearing Aid Act in Congress. Approaching the issue of hearing loss from a different perspective is pNeo, which is introducing its Clear Ear Oto-Tip, an ear wax removal tool.

According to the company, hearing loss can often be worsened or even caused by ear wax build up in the ear canal. This is called conductive hearing loss and is one of the major types of hearing loss. When ears fail to clean themselves normally, which happens more often in aging populations, ear wax can build up and prevent certain sounds from reaching the inner ear, making everything muffled and difficult to hear.

Removing this ear wax can help improve hearing among elderly populations. Clear Ear’s Oto-Tip was specifically created for safe and easy daily ear cleaning. The patented spiral spin technology was created out of Stanford University’s BioDesign program, with specially designed tips made of smooth, soft silicone to protect the inner ear while the tip spins, gently and effectively removing ear wax.

Oto-Tip is ideal for keeping ears clear of ear wax, preventing potential hearing loss caused by wax build-ups and keeping ears healthy, the company stated.

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